Serial Port: Test List
Serial Port 1.0 beta

Test List

File debug-msg.h
I only use this file on linux(with x86 & arm) platform.

File main.c
To compile the program, type gcc main.c serialport.c -lthread ,then it will generate the executable binary a.out. To run it, type ./a.out.Make sure you have the permission to open the serial port.
You can start a ternimal and type minicom(also make sure you can open the device). When everything is OK, you can see the data in minicom using the same port if you connect pin 2 & pin 3 of the port (the male connector, see the picture below)(but I don't know the reason, isn't it blocked?).
If you want to stop the program, just use 'Ctrl+c'.
Here are snapshots of the program: